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My name's Sam. I am a Virgo with a nice Leo cusp and I think a lot about the psychological developments in people. I live in Oregon, and go hiking a lot to find beautiful oceans, woodlands and powerful waterfalls and I've yet to be disappointed. I catalog my trips here. Along with really good music and positive thinking. Day and night simply are because of our location in the universe. Say hello sometime and tell me about your day.

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I like what they see

Alright guys this is it. I’ll be back in 9 days. My backpacking trip in the wallowas starts right now! Leave me little messages so we can be Friends and I’ll have pictures for you folks when I come back alive, and smelling wonderful :3

I started promising myself to
never stay anywhere I’m not
very much wanted. I have too
many scars to be breaking
my bones to fit into places
that weren’t made to fit me.
anne, maybe I always feel out of place because I’m always placing myself where I don’t belong.  (via syndesmologya)

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Staging before I leave tomorrow morning with @darwinsdad17 for the wallowa mountains.I’ll be damned if work and a cast are going to try and stop me, I’ve waited all month for this trip. My pack weighs a little under 35lbs. With over 120 miles of mountains, lakes, crazy side adventures and potential wild goats, I. Am. Ready.

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Pokemon X Nanoblock - Gangar (Gengar)

Excuse me I need this

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A cast for a wrist fracture. I’m going to wear this for 3 weeks including back packing next week with @darwinsdad17 at least it glows in the dark!! :D



Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely loved nature and animals.

This man was beyond real

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Pam Grier in 1975 film, Sheba, Baby


Pam Grier in 1975 film, Sheba, Baby

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Oh hey! What’s crackin?
Hahaha get it? because my wrist is cracked, and the docs said I need until September to heal it completely.
I’m supposed to be backpacking in 5 days and it’s supposed to be in this during the duration of the trip. Worst comes to worst I can fight off a bear with my arm :D